Build critical alarm communications services with our easy-to-use API

Build real-time and critical alarm services with our Alarmbridge API. Send and receive alarm events. Convert between a wide range of alarm protocols, regardless of if they are analog or digital. Escalate alarms to trigger voice calls between the receiving platform and the devices.

Mix and match endpoint combinations and out-of-the-box alarm functions

Build your alarm services easily with our modular functions

  • Alarm Communication

    Send and receive analog and digital alarm events using a common event format. Integrate alarm devices with alarm receiving centers.

  • Protocol Conversion​​

    Convert between analog and digital alarm protocols using our unified API. The broad number of protocols supported enables a wide range of combinations of devices and receiving platforms.

  • Heartbeat / Monitoring​

    A heartbeat message is sent from the device in order to monitor its state. If a heartbeat message is missing, an alarm event will be triggered. The message is sent from the device at a frequency set by the device provider.

  • Voice Integration​​

    Allow an alarm to trigger a voice call to be established between the device and the receiving platform. Alternatively, the voice call can be set up with a web browser app using WebRTC. The voice call is integrated with the alarm event.

  • In-Call Command

    Remotely manage alarm devices, providing functionalities such as raising or lowering the volume of the device, keeping the alarm session alive and switching to one-way or two-way communication.

APIs tailored for developers

We package telecom complexity and protocol fragmentation in easy-to-use APIs for you to save time and cost, and offer superior performance. Explore getting started guides and APIs in our Developer Area.

Building and integrating alarm flows are complex tasks. Lots of protocols to manage and support – analogue, IP-based and vendor specific. And, with the ongoing closing of the PSTN, 2G and 3G networks, the complexities are adding up.

These are exactly the problems that you can solve with our Alarmbridge offering and its unified API. It eases the integration of different protocols and brings a smooth transition to a modern and future proof communications infrastructure.

Overcome protocol fragmentation to enable interworking​:
  • Between analog & digital devices and receiving platforms​
  • Between vendor specific technologies
  • With PSTN, 2G and 3G shut down​

Build alarm communications services the modern way!​

Flexible Building Blocks

Build the alarm service matching your need. Easily integrate advanced interactive voice services with the alarm event to provide even richer alarm offering.

Bridge Protocol Fragmentation

Bridge between analog & digital protocols to enable modern communication services for legacy as well as modern devices and receiving platforms.

Escalate Alarms Into Voice Calls​​

Our modular functions allow easy integration of voice calls triggered by alarm events, providing extra safety for your alarm customers and end users.

Cost Efficient Operations​​

With our managed service delivery model you don’t need to worry about infrastructure, operational tasks or cost for operations personnel.​​

Limitless Scalability​

Benefit from our serverless backend and scale instantaneously when traffic increases, new devices are added or when entering into new geographic territories.​​

Pay For What You Use

Only pay for the traffic you use. Get instant overview of your service usage in our customer portal, for a deterministic cost overview.​​

What's your Use Case?

Care Alarms​

Enable any combination of devices and receiving platform technologies and protocols to be mixed and matched within alarm flows.

Elevator Alarms

Enable elevator clients to communicate with the local service contact or an alarm receiving center even though they are using different protocols.

Intercom Access Control

Build video-enabled intercom and access control. Easily connect the SIP-enabled front door device and route the call to the predestined receiver.

Looking for something else?

Is your use case not covered here? Please tell us and we’ll be happy to find out how our alarm services can add value to you!
Our customers experience reduced cost, improved time to market and increased quality

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