Call Recording Services

Bring your own voice platform and build
Call Recording with SIPRec

Integrate any voice platform compliant to the SIPRec standard (RFC7866) to the SIPRec API.

Key capabilities

Key capabilities of our SIPRec Call Recording Service.

Build Call Recording with SIPRec​

When a call is established between a caller and a callee, the voice platform will also establish a call from its Session Recording Client (SRC) to’s Session Recording Service (SRS).

The SRS will record the call and deliver it in an .mp3 format with one call party per channel.

The API allows for the service to start, stop, delete and store recording of calls. The recorded file can after the recording be trimmed and masked.


Explore documentation in our Developer Area.

Technical features

Explore the technical features of our SIPRec Call Recording Service.

  • REST APIs use encrypted transport using HTTPS
  • REST APIs are protected using API keys
  • Encrypted both in transit and at rest
  • G.711 a-law
  • G.711 m-law
  • G.722
  • G.729
  • OPUS
  • Start recording
  • Stop recording
  • Cancel recording
  • Store recording
  • Delete recording
  • Trim and mask recording


To the right is an example of a Call Recording scenario with SIPRec. Click to enlarge the image.

Get Started

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Read our getting started docs in our Developer Area.


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