Door entry for facilities are up for a big facelift, thanks to IoT!

Innovative consumer oriented doorbell solutions has changed the perception on door entry into villas but changing door entry into commercial facilities and apartment buildings is slightly trickier.  One of the big differences is the need to support large scale building deployments with large number of doors, multiple users and multiple different entry systems from various manufacturers currently installed.

In most situations today, door entry into commercial and apartment buildings are through entry systems that are not connected to Internet or based on analogue connections from the system to the tenant. With modern technology and IOT this is up for a change, and real time communication is crucial.

Drivers for real time enabling your door entry:

  • Increased security
  • Data analytics of entrance
  • Enable delivery entrance for alarm or delivery companies
  • Ability to open door when not at home

In many cases the door entry will be through IP-enabled intercom systems that allow smarter opportunities for entry. Some suppliers of intercom today provide proprietary systems for their individual intercom.

We at IOT Communications have developed a platform enabling development of IP based intercom systems that scales for multiple buildings, multiple users and multiple door entry systems that enables video communication from intercoms to mobile phones via via ordinary call, to mobile apps or web browsers via WebRTC.

Check out our demo here: