This article was originally published in UC Today August 23, 2022’s voice and media communications platform is providing a firm foundation for self-service PBX provider Telness Tech in the ultra-competitive telecoms market

In the ultra-competitive telecoms sector, speed to market, agility and scalability are everything. Being able to provide a flexible solution that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of operators is crucial to success. That’s why Telness Tech, the Stockholm-based provider of self-service, cloud PBX solutions, chose to use (IoT Communications)’s voice and media communications platform as the foundation for its automated digital telco offerings.

Telness Tech was formed to provide a highly competitive SaaS PBX solution to telcos and start-ups who want to harness the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. CEO of the business, Jonas Cedenwing, knew about the technical prowess of the team having worked with them during the years Telness (the MVNO out of which Telness Tech emerged in 2021), was building what is now a highly successful business.

Powerful & flexible

Telness Tech is making use of the speed-to-market and elastic scalability that’s highly modular building blocks provide to offer a unique proposition. “We want Telness Tech to become the number-one choice for incumbent telcos when they go to market with a challenger brand offering automated and mobile first PBX services. Using the iotcomms platform makes our solution very competitive and extremely powerful and flexible”, said Cedenwing.

“With our combined technologies we can enable customers to effectively start-up and run as their own network operator – if they choose to – and that can be done entirely on our platform, which is built on the firm foundation provided by We have already closed several white-label PBX deals and completed some seamless and quick to market implementation projects.”

Freedom to build what we want

Being able to choose only the building blocks they needed and to collaborate closely with the technical team has been a major advantage for Telness Tech, Cedenwing stressed.

We needed to tailor solutions and place our own offering on top of their platform. That flexibility and the freedom that comes with it is one of the big reasons why we chose to work with iotcomms – they supply the components we need for media and signalling, and we can interface with them at the API level, enabling us to build whatever we want on top.

In addition, the fact that is cloud native was crucial to Telness Tech. “We build everything 100% in the cloud end to end – we were probably the first to do that with a PBX – and we wanted to integrate with a SIP communication platform provider that was also 100% cloud, because that would enable us to deploy solutions anywhere and on any public cloud platform.”

Scalable and secure

The other key factor for Telness Tech was scalability. With a serverless architecture, the voice and media services provide the flexibility Telness Tech needs to support rapid growth for customers. This means it can offer white-label, automated PBX solutions with tailored functionality and unlimited scalability. It’s an ideal proposition for start-up or ‘fighter’ businesses, or indeed established providers who want to switch to automated solutions hosted in the cloud, said Cedenwing.

“We have not found anyone in the PBX landscape that is 100% cloud-native for real. We don’t have a rack, a switch, a server – and that gives us the elasticity to compete with the incumbents, and with the online configuration and support we offer, we can also bring down operational costs for our customers.”

Building trust

As a result, Telness Tech’s customers are happy customers and with the platform underpinning its offering, Cedenwing is confident about the future. “The plan from here is to expand our business and bring our automated digital telco offering to a broader market.

“The confidence we feel in the platform and the team’s deep competence in telecom allow us to stay focused on the total customer experience, and not having to bother about running or maintaining the traffic and signalling flows, which can get pretty complex.

“Knowing that we build our offerings on a super modern platform that gives us the flexibility to build exactly what we want, wherever we want is a win-win for us, for our customers and consequently for iotcomms,” he concluded.

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