This article was originally published in UC Today April 24, 2023

Accessing real-time media streams and key call information data presents numerous opportunities for analytics firms or contact centres to process and build valuable insights

Analytics firms and call centre businesses have started to recognise that there is real potential to use AI-driven analytics software to understand conversational data and capture sentiment, so that they can adapt their approach and deliver a better customer experience. To do this analysis – in real time – they need the media stream.

Capturing the Real-Time Media Stream and Call Data

This is an area that (IOT Communications), the specialist provider of cloud-based real-time comms services, has been watching closely. Gunnar Reinholdsen, Co-Founder of, believes it’s a big opportunity.

“Companies have been getting in touch and asking about the kind of analytics they can do with the kinds of information we can provide. To understand conversational data or capture the sentiment in the call are just a couple of examples of use cases where the real-time media stream provides key input. Calls can also be transcribed and fed into an AI or analytics engine for further processing.

The other kind of information that can be analysed is the call data. This is a key input for caller authentication or fraud detection use cases. fetches call data from the SIP signalling stream, for example a caller’s phone number or IP address.

The Need for Format Conversion

It is possible to analyse all of this, but analytics firms or contact centre organisations need to get the data delivered to their analytics platform in a format that makes it easy to access.

This is why they are seeking out Analytics platforms are typically developed on the assumption that the input will be a standard digital format. But real-time media streams or raw call data are not provided in that way – they must be handled and converted before being fed into the analytics platform. This is a gap that can fill. delivers the real-time media stream and the information derived from the SIP signalling to analytics platforms – for real time or post-call analysis.

“We are acting as a bridge between the telco world and the analytics world”, said Reinholdsen. “We sit between the two, extract media stream and call data from various voice platforms and deliver it to the analytics platform. And as we are a cloud platform and provide this as a service, you don’t need any hardware or software on-site.”

AI-enabled Call Analytics On the Rise

A cloud-based platform makes it easy for companies to apply the analysis in any location, and to build alerts and intervention processes that will bring valuable insights and increase customer experience.

Reinholdsen believes that with the rising awareness of the power of artificial intelligence, interest in call analysis is set to increase significantly. “AI is growing rapidly – companies are now looking to analyse everything they can. For businesses that have contact centres, the potential benefits of analysing calls in real time are tremendous.”

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