Get easy access to call data and media streams for analytics usage

Get easy access to call data and media streams for use cases such as fraud prevention, caller authentication, sentiment capturing or understanding conversational data. Based on data from SIP invites, SIP headers and media streams, our cloud-native communications platform bridges the key data to your analytics platform.
The information you need for any real-time and/or post-call analytics is provided to you via an easy-to-use REST API.

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Call data & media stream at your service

By port mirroring calls from your chosen voice platform such as PBX, Session Border Controller (SBC), UC or WebRTC application – fetches information that can be extracted from SIP invites, SIP headers and the media stream, for example:

A, B and C numbers

We extract the numbers of the caller (A), callee (B), and call forward destination (C) serving as key input for your analytics use case

IP Address

The caller’s IP address brings valuable data such as ISP, geographic location, and device type, VPN yes/no which are important information for many analytics use cases

Media Stream

Access the real-time media stream to capture sentiment, understand conversational data or for transcription purposes

Call Start, Stop & Duration

Use the information of when a call started, stopped and its duration for any real-time or post-call analytics

Real-time Media Stream

Bridge to your Analytics Platform

Effortless Scaling with Serverless Backend

Voice Platform Agnostic

Easy access with REST API

Accessing real-time call data and media streams the easy way ​

The communications platform and mediaservice API bridge the SIP signaling into call events which are made accessible for your analytics platform through REST API or JSON.

Media streams are delivered from your choice of voice platform to your analytics platform.

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No scalability issues with a serverless backend in the cloud

If your traffic volume increases, for example your contact center customers experience traffic peaks during certain days, hours etc, our cloud-native platform scales seamlessly following the demand. No waiting for servers to be spun up, or software to be licensed. Just scale up and down, anytime and anywhere, with our serverless backend in the cloud.

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