Digitalization is rapidly progressing while millions of devices such as i.e. cameras, alarms, telecare, intercom systems and similar are connected to the network through analogue interfaces provided by the old analogue phone network.

As the old network is becoming difficult and expensive to maintain several European operators are in the process of closing their PSTN-network and migrating to an All-IP network.

In a report by UK’s Broadband Stakeholder Group they deep dive into the challenges of the migration from four European operators. Read the report at

One of the main challenges is around data services such as security or fire alarm monitoring and remote health or social care. It simply might not work satisfactorily over an IP network. This is both an operator challenges due to time of PSTN closing but also for the enterprise where the service might stop to work. In the end, it will affect the user.

For this reason, we have developed our offering of Alarmbridge, to enable a smooth transformation into an All-IP network and to help operators and enterprises in the transition. Check it out here: Alarmbridge.