Adding real-time communication into business-critical integrated solutions and new smart devices is difficult with many of the cloud services on the market today. While current conventional communications platforms do not meet the diverse set of requirements for business- or safety-critical solutions, is built specifically for such use-cases. But why is suitable for solutions of critical nature? Below are two important client requirements covered in our whitepaper Towards an embedded cPaaS market.
Towards an embedded cPaaS market


The failure rate for call connection set-ups, drops or undelivered messages will usually need to be below 0.1% and sometimes at the famed “5-nines” level of 0.001%, especially for safety-critical use-cases.
Use-cases and verticals for WebRTC


Voice or video quality will need to be high and predictable, even where network conditions may be sub-optimal. Where problems occur (for ex- ample because of poor indoor mobile coverage) there may need to be active monitoring so issues can be addressed proactively.
Characteristics of a Communications Platform for business-critical solutions: Longevity and stability

Longevity and stability

The systems developer needs confidence that the communications functions will work for the life of the system, or can easily be upgraded or replaced. Given that some IoT products are expected to be in service for 5, 10 or even 20 years, they will need reassurance that the functions – and support mechanisms and service pricing – will be predictable and stable.
Characteristics of a Communications Platform for business-critical solutions: Scalability


Various critical use-cases may need to scale up to many thousands – or even millions – of cPaaS accesses concurrently. For example, consider the impact of exponential growth care needs during the pandemic, or a flood of elevator alarms during an earthquake.
The text above is an extract from the whitepaper “Towards an embedded cPaaS market” written by industry analyst Dean Bubley, where he lists 14 important requirements for systems-embedded cPaaS clients. Download it below!
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Towards an embedded cPaaS market

Towards an embedded cPaaS market

Explore the cPaaS market and learn the differences between a conventional communications platform and an embedded systems cPaaS, such as
Read it and understand more about what characterize a communications platform geared towards complex use-cases and business-critical applications.