Adding real-time communication into business-critical solutions can be difficult. While current conventional communications platforms do not meet the diverse set of requirements for business- or safety-critical solutions, is built specifically for such use cases. But why is suitable for solutions of critical nature? Below are two characteristics of a CPaaS for business-critical solutions, covered in our whitepaper Towards an embedded CPaaS market.
Towards an embedded cPaaS market
Characteristics of a Communications Platform for business-critical solutions: Flexibility for unusual acoustic or tactile environments

Flexibility for unusual acoustic or tactile environments

Some use-cases for embedded CPaaS may involve systems in unusual environments. Rather than a standard headset or phone microphone and speaker, there may be intercoms and loudspeakers, background noises, a variety of languages, indistinct speech from older or disabled people, and numerous other scenarios.

For messaging or call set-up, there may be similar problems with people wearing gloves or having poor dexterity. Communications flows need to be carefully assessed, designed and tested, with fallback mechanisms and methods for detecting and diagnosing problems. It may be useful to use voice assistants in some cases.

Characteristics of a Communications Platform for business-critical solutions: Media access

Media access

Some embedded use cases need access to low-level media streams, for example to enable AI analytics or processing of voice or video streams. For instance, changes in a patient’s tone or speaking pace over time can be a “biomarker” of certain medical conditions.

The text above is an extract from the whitepaper “Towards an embedded CPaaS market” written by industry analyst Dean Bubley, where he lists 14 important requirements for systems-embedded CPaaS clients. Download it below!

Towards an embedded cPaaS market


Towards an embedded CPaaS market

How can real-time voice and video communication be integrated in critical systems and new smart devices? Is the answer a new kind of communications platform for use-cases where safety and security is crucial?
This whitepaper, written by Industry Analyst Dean Bubley, explores the communications platform market and the differences between conventional and systems-embedded communications platforms.

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