Frequently asked about Alarmbridge – Part 2

One of the common questions we get regarding our Alarmbridge function is whether it can connect digital devices and systems lacking support for standard IP based care protocols, to Alarm Receiving Centres requiring for example SCAIP or Now-IP. The answer is yes!

Frequently asked questions about Alarmbridge


Connect digital devices to ARC running standard IP based care protocols

You are a device manufacturer who would like to enable your devices to work also in a care environment, or a telecare equipment manufacturer that have not implemented support for SCAIP or Now-IP, but still would like to connect your devices to Alarm Receiving Centres requiring any of these protocols.


Connect system or platform to ARC running standard IP based care protocols

You are a welfare solution provider operating a care platform, or an IoT company with a platform combining events from smart home sensors, who would like to deliver alarm events from your platform into Alarm Receiving Centres requiring any of the standard digital care protocols.

Solving these scenarios with Alarmbridge

Integrate into our Alarmbridge with a REST API and call the Alarmbridge API to trigger the alarm event. When the event is triggered, Alarmbridge will submit the event to the Alarm Receiving Centre using the SCAIP or Now-IP protocol. The ARC responds back to acknowledge the alarm event, and Alarmbridge notifies your platform.

The alarm event may also trigger a voice call to be established between your device / platform and a phone system, or a video call using the WebRTC gateway capabilities with a web browser.

→ Learn more about becoming SCAIP compliant with Alarmbridge. Click here to read use case.

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Alarmbridge is a multiway alarm converter that connects alarm events from both analogue and digital devices, as well as from care platforms and systems, to basically any Alarm Receiving Centre. Explore Alarmbridge for Technology Enabled Care (TEC) and see what it can do for your company!