Frequently asked about Alarmbridge – Part 3

One of the common questions we get about Alarmbridge is whether it can connect SCAIP enabled telecare devices to modern Alarm Monitoring Systems and Contact Centre Solutions lacking support for the SCAIP standard. The answer is yes!


Connect SCAIP devices to Alarm Monitoring System

You are a solution provider offering connected care solutions including monitoring services, or a technology company providing a platform for alarm handling management, who would like to make your solution SCAIP compliant without having to implement support for the SCAIP protocol.


Connect SCAIP devices to Contact Centre Solution

You are a provider of a contact centre platform who would like to enable your solution to work also in a care environment, without having to implement support for the SCAIP protocol.

Solving these scenarios with Alarmbridge

Simply point the heartbeats and alarms from the SCAIP compliant telecare device to Alarmbridge and we will bridge them into a unified alarm event and send as a REST callback to your platform. The alarm events are acknowledged by your platform and contain further instructions back to the device according to the SCAIP standard.

In addition, Alarmbridge can establish a voice call between the device and an ordinary phone system, or a video call using the WebRTC gateway capabilities with a web browser. Calls might be established via VOIP/SIP or GSM. Alarmbridge supports care units such as Essence, TeleAlarm, Doro, Neat, Tunstall and Climax.

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Become SCAIP Compliant with

Become SCAIP compliant with

Are you offering care alarm services, but your solution lacks SCAIP compliancy? SCAIP is the most used digital protocol for alarm communication. It is therefore key for modern care alarm service providers to comply with it. Discover how we can help!

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