Frequently asked about Alarmbridge – Part 4

One of the common questions we get regarding our Alarmbridge function is whether it can connect legacy alarm devices only capable of handling analogue protocols, to modern Alarm Receiving Centres. The answer is yes!

Frequently asked questions about Alarmbridge


Connect legacy alarm devices to modern ARC

You are a provider of an alarm service with an installed base of analogue alarm equipment, who would like to start migrating your solution without having to replace all existing alarm devices at once. Examples include care alarms, elevator alarms and security/surveillance alarms.

Solving this with Alarmbridge

Simply point the analogue alarm calls to Alarmbridge and we will bridge them into a digital output protocol or a unified alarm event upon ARC’s choice. Alarmbridge can map the incoming analogue alarm codes to meaningful information and include this information in the alarm event. The event is submitted to the Alarm Receiving Centre as a REST callback or using an IP based protocol, for example SCAIP or NOW-IP for care alarms.

Even voice calls can be established between the device and the Alarm Receiving Centre.

Integrate modern care alarm communication with your legacy

Build modern care alarm communication fitting your legacy!

Build modern care alarm services with our cloud-native communications platform. Avoid the need for extensive knowledge within complex telecom signaling and focus on your offer instead. Explore the numerous care alarm use cases you can build with the platform!